IT Security & Compliance

IT Security & Compliance

One of the biggest challenges facing municipalities whether small or large circle around regulatory compliance and information security standards. Existing requirements are constantly changing and evolving, and new compliance obligations are continually increasing.

How do municipalities effectively manage and navigate this ever-changing maze of security and compliance? Better yet, how do you do it with the lowest cost of ownership and management? This is where AMER can help.


AMERshield is our IT Security & Compliance solution that protects your business from risk by ensuring your computer security standards are compliant.


AMERshield gives our clients the ability to safeguard their environments and critical business data by providing continuous threat protection and risk mitigation.

AMERshield provides a cost effective solution for clients with a holistic approach for effective security policies and procedures, risk assessment and management, regulatory compliance, incident response, and education and awareness.

IT Governance

IT governance is a company’s strategy to reduce risk by protecting systems and information, as well as its execution of that strategy. IT security governance activities involve the development, institutionalization, assessment and improvement of an organization’s enterprise risk management (ERM) and security policies. Governance of IT security includes determining how various business units, personnel, executives and staff should work together to protect an organization’s digital assets, ensure data loss prevention and protect the organization’s public reputation.

Continuous Security Monitoring Service

Our 24x7x365 Continuous Security Monitoring collects data from multiple sensors to provide an advanced analysis of vulnerability, threat, network traffic and event information to deliver a continuous view of IT security across your environment. It gives you the information you need to continuously improve your security posture to protect your organization.

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