Staff Augmentation

Minimize Cost & Maximize Effectiveness

AMER matches your project requirements by selecting only the most qualified personnel from our inventory of specialists. Our people are experts in their field and have the training and experience you demand.


By using AMER’s manpower base, your projects will be completed at minimum cost and maximum effectiveness. AMER will work with you in any or all of the aspects needed to complete a successful project. From preplanning and project management, to implementation and completion, AMER can supply you with all or as little of the personnel you need.

High-tech solutions require expertise not always available in house and many projects do not require you to hire additional employees for the long-term. AMER can supply the personnel you need for both long-term and short-term projects to meet all your high-tech needs. We also handle compensation and benefits, freeing your HR department to concentrate on your employees.

AMER stands behind our people and guarantees your satisfaction. Once a project is completed, a thorough review is done to insure your needs are met. AMER has many references covering different specialties we have engaged to successfully complete our client’s needs.

Our Clients