Amer Compliance

AmerInforma: A Comprehensive Compliance Solution

AmerInforma is the comprehensive compliance solution for all your training and certification needs.

Whether you are in Law Enforcement, State or Local Government or any compliance-driven organization, AmerInforma is the comprehensive solution to meet your needs.

    AmerInforma will
  • Track all aspects of your students' learning from the day they join the organization
  • Maintain all student training and compliance activity in a centralized repository
  • Tracks all certifications – so a student is never non-compliant

We Offer:

A proven software solution that will guarantee employee compliance with your organization's critical training and policies and help to reduce litigation related costs.

Track ALL Training and Certifications

  • Track all on-demand, live and classroom based training.

  • Easily ensure all qualification and certifications are up to date and notify employees or supervisors of expiration.

  • Powerful reporting tool allows you to quickly check if any employees are non-compliant.

Certification and licensing can be complex to manage, but with AmerInforma we do it all

Tracks all expired certifications and notifies employees and supervisors

AmerInforma is Loaded with Tools to Help You Run Your Organization

Curricula and calendars can be created with the click of a button

Automated scheduling allows you to schedule around instructor and venue availability

Seamlessly handle multi-level approval and sign-offs for different roles and notify students and manager of scheduling via email

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